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Plastic-Free March-tips for reducing plastics waste

Join the plastic-free March Challenge and try avoiding plastics throughout the month of March! Now is an excellent opportunity to look at the use of plastics and to make a change in your own everyday life to reduce plastic consumption. 

The following tips will get you started in reducing the use of plastics:

  • CARRY A WATER BOTTLE WITH YOU: Carry a Permanent bottle With you. In this way, you avoid the temptation to buy a disposable bottle of water. 
  • REPLACES COSMETICS WITH NATURAL PLASTIC FREE PRODUCTS: Replace your plastic toothbrush with a biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush.   Swap your toothpaste tube for tablet form or in a plastic free container Toothpaste. Purchase a commercial deodorant fully packaged in recyclable packaging Natural deodorant   that keeps sweat odour away without any allergen or endocrine irritating additives. Wash your hair with a natural  Bar of shampoo and conditioner, and wash your body with a natural bar of soap Bar of soap so you avoid unnecessary plastic bottles and the problem of microplastics and other artificial chemicals that seep into our waterways. After showering moisturize your skin with a  moisturiser packaged in a Sulapac® biodegradable container.  biodegradable box
  • REPLACING CLINGFILM WITH BEESWAX WRAP: Challenge traditional ideas for storing food and change to reusable compostable wraps Beeswax Wrapping. The natural wrapper breathes and keeps your food fresh for longer. The wrapper can be shaped by the warmth of your hands to become pliable and can then be placed tightly around food or container.
  • USE A SUSTAINABLE BAG WHEN SHOPPING:  Change your plastic disposable bags  For cotton bags. Cotton is a breathable fabric, so food will keep longer compared to a plastic or paper bag.
  • USE A SUSTAINABLE LUNCH BOX : By using a lunch box for take away or on the go lunches you can reduce your use of plastic packaging and your exposure to micro plastics. Favour quality Stainless Steel lunch boxes, because food grade stainless steel does not leak harmful toxins such as BPA, and the carbon footprint of steel is considerably smaller compared to plastics.

Plastic has become the default choice, so avoiding it is difficult. We decided to facilitate the availability of alternative products in everyday life by opening our online store focusing on plastic free products www.plasticfreepicks.com. Take time to browse our selection and support plastic-free March.

Psst! In honour of plastic free March, we offer Free shipping for domestic orders over 20 euros!

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From all the Plastic Free Picks team, we wish you good luck with your plastic free March. Small changes can impact every day life!

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