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About us


My name is Rebecca - I am the founder of Plastic Free Picks - and I am excited that you found our online store!

Inspired by the idea of ​​Plastic Free and Zero Waste, Plastic Free Picks is a Finnish online store designed to support you in adopting a more sustainable life style.

Our mission is to reduce the consumption of disposable plastic and the amount of waste and to promote more sustainable consumption by facilitating the availability of alternative, more sustainable products. Our range consist mainly of everyday durable products designed to last longer and help you to reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic and waste in your life.

Founder of Plastic Free Picks

Plastic Free Picks took off in 2018 when I returned to Finland after a few years of living abroad. As a keen surfer, I saw the problem of plastic waste and how our planet simply cannot withstand our current consumption as well as the increasing use of plastic. I thought about my own impact on the global waste problem and looked at my own consumption habits. I was shocked at how much useless plastic I consumed in my own daily life - completely unconsciously! It started a big fire to find ways to reduce my own use of plastic as well as the amount of waste. I noticed how avoiding plastic and disposables took time, effort, and detective work, as disposables and plastic have been made an easy default choice. So I decided to take action by opening up the Plastic Free Picks online store to give everyone the opportunity to make more sustainable choices! :)

On our website, you will find non-plastic Zero Waste daily goods from kitchen and household products to hygiene and cosmetics. Regarding the product range, we consider reusability, plasticfreedom, carbon footprint, naturalness and responsibility:

  • We favor the longevity and reusability of our products, which is why we focus mainly on sustainable products.
  • We strive to select plastic-free products to our selection. In some cases, however, we need to weigh the longevity as well as the reusability of the products, and therefore we may accept the use of plastic if a plastic-free alternative does not yet exist.
  • We pay attention to carbon footprint and strive to promote the sustainable products from local small producers.
  • In our range of cosmetics we avoid micro plastics and we favor natural and non animal-tested products.
  • We strive for transparency throughout our supply chain and provide information about the product's features, country of origin, and its purchasing effects.
  • We favor plastic-free and recyclable packaging materials in our shipments (even our tapes are 100% plastic-free), reuse packaging sent by manufacturers, and avoid unnecessary waste and plastic in our operations. We ask that our suppliers ship the products plastic-free, and we strive to pack the products sensibly in the smallest possible packages so that the size of the package is not wasted.

We strongly believe that everyone can make an impact with environmentally responsible everyday choices. Big changes come from small acts of everyday life! By making sustainable consumption decisions, we can also influence the range of products traded daily. We want to promote the production and availability of plastic-free sustainable products, and we hope for a lasting shift towards more sustainable and responsible consumption.

We welcome comments, product suggestions and tips for an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Contact us! 

Welcome to a more sustainable lifestyle!

Rebecca & Co.


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